The Best Way to Get "Face Time" With Customers During the COVID-19 Pandemic
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Hi - I'm Matt Monte

It was 2015 when I first saw a video email.

I received an email from a company and there was a video embedded in the email. I opened it up and what I saw blew my mind….

A video of the sales rep I had just talked to days before sending me a personalized video. He was following up and sharing some case studies.

I couldn't help but watch knowing this person personally made this video for me and I knew it had to be for me because he said my name multiple times throughout the video.

I'll tell you that this stood out to me in a big way. As an owner of a company, I've been pitched to death by a million sales reps and the same monotonous emails over and over again.

Over the years I've had some great sales reps contact me and some terrible ones.

However, I've never seen anything like this before in my life.

By the end of the video, I couldn't help but feel like I knew this person, liked this person and trusted this person.

As someone who studied sales extensively, I know the biggest reason someone buys from you is if they feel like they know you, like you, and trust you.

Of course, being in person gives you the best chance to earn that know, like, trust.

However, in my business, you can't always be face-to-face with somebody and this video email thing seemed like the next best thing.
Enter The World of Video Emails
So I signed up and tried the video marketing tool.

Unfortunately back then the company I went with had some technical issues and I had trouble getting caught in people's spam. It was also hard to use so it took more time than it was worth.

I basically let the idea go for the time being because it wasn't working the way I had anticipated.

Fast forward a few years later and I got another one of these emails and this version was WAY better.

I researched the system and saw that this new company had perfected the concept of video emails.

They didn't just solve the spam issue they took the tool to an entirely new level.

Over the next couple of weeks, I grew to love this tool.

The tool allowed me more face time with my prospective customers.

It allowed me to use facial expressions, tone of voice and was the next best thing to an in-person meeting.

It also sped up my responses to questions and allowed me to dive much deeper much faster than any typed out email ever would.
Let me share with you just some of the other game-changing features this tool has:
  • The Chrome Extension: Allows you to send video emails with just one click directly from your Gmail inbox. This also works for Salesforce and Outlook.
  • The Website: Allows you to create and send videos just in case you're using a different email client.
  • Animated Thumbnails: The video and video thumbnails appear on mobile devices which is critical!
  • ​The Apps: They have great mobile apps for both iPhone and Android
  • ​Full Email Functionality: You can also include text in your email as usual both before and after the inserted video.
  • Tracking: Their tracking system is unbelievable. The system can alert you with an email and/or desktop notification when your emails are opened or someone watched your video. 
  • Common FAQ Videos: You can pre-record videos for common questions or FAQS. This can save you a ton of time in the long run!
  • Super Easy: It’s so easy to use, anyone can get up and running in minutes with zero tech skills.
Embed Personalized Videos Just Like This in Your Emails!
So Why Adopt This Approach?
You will win more businesses...period: More face time = a higher buy percentage. There are thousands of psychology studies that show this and it’s 100% true.

It is more personal: Anyone can send an email but going out of your way(although you're not at all) to record a personalized message makes your customers or prospective customers feel important.

It speeds up follow up: How many times have you read and reread an email to make sure it sounds right and doesn’t come off wrong? Video solves that issue because you can use tone of voice and they will see your facial expressions. This nearly eliminates miscommunications!
Examples of What You Can Use This For
  • Proposal Follow Ups: This is my favorite by far. How many times have you or your sales team struggled to get a prospective back on the phone? Now you can get face time with them on their terms. Share case studies, give them a walkthrough, and answer questions.
  • Demos/FAQs: This helps save time. Oftentimes customers have the same questions and sending a video tutorial is an easy way to make everyone’s life simple.
  • Good Will: Sometimes you just want to send a video to say “Hi” or wish someone a Happy Birthday or Holiday.
The Price Point
It's only $29.99/month per user... this is a NO BRAINER. 

I recommend having it for everyone on your sales team at the bare minimum but it can also be valuable to have for every member of your staff. 

There are countless ways this can be used so it makes sense for everyone to have it.

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