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I'm Matt Monte, and not long ago I was struggling to figure out how to generate leads for my small business. 

If you have worked with me in the past, you know that I never endorse things that I don’t believe in.

That is why I implore you to listen to the man and program I am about to reveal to you.

The man's name is Russel Brunson. 

He may look like a kid but this man has done things in the business world that few could ever even dream of. 

He grew a start up to $200 million in revenue in 4 years with no investors.

He quickly started, scaled and sold other businesses along the way in his "free time".

I've met Russell in person, and he has become my mentor over the last 18 months. 

I'm a huge fan of Russell Brunson because what he taught me changed my life.  

I want to tell you about Russel's training program that is starting soon. 

The exact same training program that changed my life...

I started my first company eight years ago, I had zero skills in sales or marketing.

The only way I could think of generating business with no budget was to go door-to-door trying to sell my services, and this is certainly not the easiest way of going about sales.

Admittingly, I was making it hard on myself, but I didn’t have the experience to know any better!
For months on end, I would walk in the heat, rain, and snow, going door-to-door and praying that I would find an owner who would be interested in talking with me.

It didn’t take me long to realize that all if I had interested business owners coming to my website and asking to work with me, it would be a WAY better strategy than doing door to door.

I knew there had to be a better way but it was not like I had extra money to experiment and figure out the best strategy. 

Truthfully, I had almost no money and no idea where to start.

Seemingly by divine intervention, I came across Russell Brunson and something called the “One Funnel Away Challenge.” 

The challenge was based around a 30 day training program designed to help you start or grow any business in 30 days or less.

As I read through the page I began to realize that this could potentially be the answer to my problems.

Russell's message resonated with me as it does for millions of Entrepreneurs.

Russell's blueprint was made for business owners and budding entrepreneurs who want a structure with proven success to help them execute rapid growth.
I know it's true because I completed the program just a couple of year ago.

Over the last 10 years, I have purchased dozens of online courses and I have to say this 30-day program provides more resources than the courses that I've paid over $6,000 for. 

This is truly the most comprehensive training at the price point I'd ever seen.
Please Check Any Statement That Apply to You
Have you have always wanted to start an online business but have no idea where to start?
Do you have a business now but want more customers?
Do you have an idea but no idea how to get it off the ground?
Do you already own a successful business and want to scale it?
If you checked "Yes" on any of those answers, then the training I'm about to reveal to you can help change your life, change your business, and change your beliefs on what is possible.
I know it's true because I completed this training program just a couple of year ago and it changed my life.
Introducing the "One Funnel Away Challange"
Everything You Get With The One Funnel Away Challange

Your Cost: $100

 But I want to sweeten the deal for you.
What you're getting inside of this program is already incredible, but I'm about all about adding more value than anyone else so I want to give you a few extra things. But you will need to buy on the next page to qualify.

Since completing this challenge I have invested tens of thousands of dollars in more advanced training, both with Russell as well as other incredibly successful entrepreneurs.

I have combined the best strategies in each of these training modules to help you scale your business to epic proportions.

In order to help bring your business to the next level with the one funnel away challenge, I am also going to include these two bonuses for FREE...

1. Odyssey marketing system

The system we've invented and utilized to land our Dream 100 clients. This system is unbelievably powerful can have will your dream clients calling you in under a week. $500 Value - yours for free.

2. LinkedIn Lead Generation Secrets

This online trading will teach you how to generate 10 to 20 warm leads per month on LinkedIn without spending a single dime on ads or wasting hours of computer work every day. $500 value - yours for free.

2. LinkedIn Lead Generation Secrets

This online trading will teach you how to generate 10 to 20 warm leads per month on LinkedIn without spending a single dime on ads or wasting hours of computer work every day. $500 value - yours for free.
And I'll make life even easier for you

When You Sign Up On the Next Page, You'll Get ALL of These Templates From Me Too - 100% Free

To make this even more of a no-brainer as well as shorten your learning curve, I'll also give you our proven free funnel templates we’ve used to generate leads for dozens of our clients. $1,000 Value Your Free!

This is Only a $100 Investment


Would it be worth it to invest $5,126 if it meant accomplishing these goals?

But… this program doesn't even cost 5% of that.
 Today: $5,126 $100
You can get access to
The Challenge and all my bonuses for $100.
But don't just take my word for it.
Tens of thousands of people have taken this Challenge and it has revolutionized their lives.

Check out what some other students had to say. 
So thinking about it...
If you think about it, everyone is going to waste $100 on things they don't really need.

So instead, why not invest $100 to acquire knowledge and skills that will catapult your business into the future and change your life forever?

You could take action right now, jump-start your business the right way, and get everything you need to dominate online.

This decision can truly change your life, as I know it has changed mine.

Or you can do nothing at all, continue your life as is, but unfortunately nothing will change. 

The choice is yours and only yours.

 So the big question is...

Sign up today and you'll get over $5,000 of value including my personal bonuses:

$5,126 $100
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